Recognition on Medication Safety and Look-alike/Sound-alike Medication Problems in Thai Public Hospitals

Chattraporn Chumchit, Yaowalak Amrumpai, Charoen Treesak


Little is known about medication safety policy recognition and look alike/sound-alike (LASA) medication error magnitude among Thai public hospitals. We aimed to determine recognition on and implementation of Thai national medication safety policy, and type and frequency of LASA errors. Questionnaires were mailed to all 971 public hospitals during September 2009 to January 2011. We found that, of 479 informants, the majorities of all returned questionnaires were from community hospitals. Of all informants, the majorities consisted of 226 pharmacy department heads and 353 staff pharmacists. The majority knew about the national policy on medication safety (88.52%). Most hospitals reported complete implementation of medication safety measure (MSM) (78.29%) while 19.41% reported partial implementation. Most hospitals (82.46%) ranked LASA incidents the most troublesome cause of medication safety but the most carried out MSM was for preventing high-alert drug errors. Most given LASA errors were commonly found in various hospitals. Generic name LASA errors were most frequently reported. This study aimed to achieve a systematic approach by means of medication safety measures to alleviate the related problems at all healthcare system levels.

Key Words: LASA medication problem; Medication safety; Medication error

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