Technology Transfer and Technological Capability: A Case Study in Manufacturing Process in Thai Pharmaceutical Industry

Onoomar Toyama, Somlak Kongmuamg, Manoon Toyama


Forms, channels, difficulties and obstacles of technology transfer in manufacturing process and pharmaceutical production, including technological capability were obtained from modern Thai pharmaceutical companies through a survey research. Results showed that Thai pharmaceutical industry received a transfer of technology mostly in the form of printed documents, articles on the internet, and attending trade exhibitions and academic conferences. The first three channels for technology transfer were training received from local academic institutions, self-study from product manuals, and instruction and guidance from technology
donors. Difficulties and obstacles in technology transfer were technology performing by the recipient, the hospitality of technology donor, the handover of technology, and the capability of the recipient. In building up technological capability, Thai pharmaceutical manufacturers depended on outside personnel in the acquisition for sources of technology, installation and adaptation of technology with local condition, and product innovation. Findings from this study indicated the status and the efficiency of technology transfer as well as the technological capability of Thai pharmaceutical companies. Results will support the strategy in technological development and build up the competitiveness of Thai pharmaceutical industry, especially among the ASEAN countries.

Key Words: Thai pharmaceutical industry; Technology transfer; Technological capability; Manufacturing process; Pharmaceutical production

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