Vol 17, No 3 (2017)

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Product Category, Consumer Motivation, and the Use of Social Media Platforms Abstract PDF
Chawanuan Kananukul 1-16
Conceptual Development on Strategic Management for Organizational Improvement Abstract PDF
Ousanee Sawagvudcharee, Maurice Yolles 17-26
Economic Analysis of Electricity Generation from Chicken Manure by Plug Flow Anaerobic Digester and CSTR Anaerobic Digester Abstract PDF
Poramate Arromdee 27-50
Bot Āścarya (Erotic scenes): The Erotic Performances in Thai Classical Dance Abstract PDF
Naraphong Charassri, Narong Cumanee 51-62
Network of Social Capital : Lesson Learned from Groups of Small Organic farmers’ Self Reliance  Abstract PDF
Jiraphan Naruepatr 63-70
The sitting posture and characteristic of Venerable Ānanda in Sukhāvatī vyūha Sūtra Abstract PDF
Sudaporn Khiewngamdee 71-84
Creativity among Information Technology Professionals in Thailand Abstract PDF
Sunya Uthaivoravit 85-130
Khab Tai Dam (Black Tai Folksongs): The Preservation and Adaptation of Musical Culture for the Maintenance of Ethnic Identity Abstract PDF
Sutee Chansri, Somsonge Burusphat 131-154
Health Communication to Promote the Well-Being for the Thai elderly with New Media via Smartphone by Undergraduate Students Abstract PDF
Nattanun Siricharoen 155-192
Visual mixing research methods on Lanna mural paintings: A case study of Wat Phumin, Nan province Abstract PDF
Tawipas Pichaichanarong 193-210
Synthesis of Research Theses in Music in Thailand During 2005 – 2014 Abstract PDF
Treetip Boonyam 211-232
Speaking Tinglish for Professional Communication: A Reflection of Thai English Used by Tour Guides along the Andaman Sea Abstract PDF
Pairote Bennui 233-266
Motivating undergraduate students in the Faculty of Logistics to learn English Abstract PDF
Denis Samokhina, Sarunya Lertputtarak 267-286
Effective Community Participation in Environmental Risk Management for Household Accident Prevention among Elders Abstract PDF
Duriyang Wassana, Banchong Witthayawirasak 287-306
Strategies for Developing Early Childhood Educational Quality Through the Collaboration of Private Schools, Chiang Mai Province Abstract PDF
Niyada Korakovida 307-324


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journals su 325-327

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