Research and Development for Empowering in Self-Continuous Development of Teacher from Routine to Classroom Action Research with Creativity of Academic Quality and Advancement of Professional Career Path

Narin Sangragsa, Sumelee Pongpatapiboon, Supaporn Plomelrsee


This research and development is aimed to (1) study all necessary data needed for empowering teachers to have their selfcontinuous development (2) generate the model of teacher empowerment (3) Implement the model of teacher development (4) evaluate from it. The research methodology is divided into four stages. The 384 teachers from eight provinces in Thai Western region are selected by using of multistages sampling technique. Afterwards the four schools are purposively selected into the process of classroom action research. The research instruments employed here are questionnaire for the model endorsement, guideline for in-depth interview, guideline for focus group discussion, the training course and its manual, pre-test and post-test of the training course , evaluation test of quality in research, satisfaction test and guideline for gathering in the lesson learnt. The collected data is then quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed and presented in frequency, percentage, standard deviation, outcomes of t-test and its content analysis respectively. From the results they can be demonstrated as follows: (1) The management situations of learning , the teacher satisfaction to teacher professional career and the
self-continuous development are overall evaluated at much level. (2) The model of empowerment is constructed and named to “EDU-WESTERN Model” and this is endorsed. (3) The post-test score of training course is significant higher than the pre-test score at P< .05. The knowledge, capabilities and research practices of teachers are overall evaluated at much level. Their motivation of self- development is accounted to 47.22%. (4) -Moreover they satisfy to the model of teacher empowerment at much level.

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