Identity and Effectiveness of Communication via New Media in Form of Set Up Candid Clips

Suparada Prapawong


The objectives were to analyze the using of new media in the form of set up candid clip that affects the product and presenter, to study
the effectiveness of using new media in the form of set up candid clip
in order to increase the circulation and audience satisfaction and to use
the earned information and knowledge to develop the communication for
publicizing and advertising via new media. This research is qualitative
research based on questionnaire and in-depth interview from experts.
The findings showed the identity, advantages and disadvantages of
communication for publicizing and advertising via new media in the form
of set up candid clip. The identity is related with the disadvantages that
the electronic media that computer or mobile device is required including with internet and social network and make audience feel deceived. The advantage is the ability to reach the specific target group, easy to access anyplace and anytime in low cost production and can be talk of the town overnight but mostly in short-term. The boundary of this media is the requirement of computer, electronic device, internet and social network programs. It should be used as secondary media to support the primary media. The specific target group for this kind of communication are female, in the age of 31-35 and 41+ and in the level of education of secondary education. Set up candid clip effects to the products and presenters by using this kind of communication. It will be useful for fields of publicizing and advertising in the new media forms at the present.

Keywords: Advertising, New media, Publicizing, Set up candid clip

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