The Research and Development of Creative Tourism Management Based on Temples for Meditation Learning and Sustainable Tourism of Nakhon Pathom Province

Narin Sangragsa, Somboon Yeanoungsuvan, Supaporn Plomelrsee


This project was implemented and based on research and development methods. It aimed to:1) study situations for management of creative tourism in Nakhon Pathom province; 2) generate a model of creative tourism management and this was driven through temples which were used for meditation learning and creating the sustainable tourism; 3) propose the good practice and 4) its guideline leading to the aforementioned management. The research procedures were divided into 4 stages: Stage 1: studying basic data; Stage 2: designing and developing research instruments; Stage 3: trying out the draft model for and Stage 4: evaluating, improving and proposing the final model. The research instruments were guidelines in-depth interviews, focus group discussion, and non-participatory observation. The collected data were qualitatively analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and content analysis. The results could be demonstrated as follows:
1) The situations had its readiness for supporting to the development of creative tourism. The tourists had their chances to visit the tourist sites more increasingly and their motive of this tourism was overall evaluated at much level.
2) The one model was generated and named “MEDITATE Model”.
3) The good practices were commitment of leaders, targeting and organizing tourist organizations, building up concrete structures of community capitals and organizational cultures etc.
4) The management guidelines involved manipulating strategic plans of tourism, building up common understanding, managing and mobilizing tourist activities, Providing various learning based on temples, developing personnel for tourism, continuous public relations, preparing guide posts to tourist attractions and promoting supporting budgets from government sectors.

Keywords: Meditation Tourism Management, Creative Tourism, Learning,
Sustainable Tourism

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