Scenario of Exercise, Fundamental Sports and Mass Sports in Thailand

Pot Chaisena


The research aimed to study the scenario of exercise, fundamental sports and mass sports in Thailand in terms of input, process and output. The technique known as Ethnographic Delphi Future research was used in the study. The target groups were the experts concerned with sports: 18 sports administrators, academics and others involved in local sports. The research instrument was the interview format. Statistics used in data analysis were mean, median and quartile range.The study found that the scenario of exercise, fundamental sportsand mass sports in Thailand could be described as follows: Scenario of development of exercise, and fundamental sports in Thailand Input: personnel of physical education should be increased in line with the proportion of
children and youths in educational establishments. It was necessary that
teaching personnel in physical education in schools of all levels had to
complete at least a degree in the physical education major. As regards
administration, children and youths were to be encouraged to continually
do exercises; there should be standardized criteria for physical faculty for
children and youths; sufficient fund should be provided to be spent on the
development of exercise and sports. In respect of process in developing
the curriculum of physical education, it was necessary that the curriculum
be in conformity with local conditions and targets; a body of knowledge
and local wisdom should be integrated; an instructional process should be
evaluated and followed up the results of educational quality evaluation
should be used to determine strategies to solve the problems and improve
work performance. Output: in the future children and youths both inside
and outside the schools should be equipped with knowledge, understanding
of and a positive attitude towards doing exercises and playing sports. Focus
should be on exercise to promote health. By comparing the shape and size of
people from the developed countries that have standard exercise and sports,
it was essential that physical ability of Thai children and youths must be on
the same standard or close to the same standard accepted in the developed
Scenario of exercise and mass sports in Thailand. Concerning an input,
there should be volunteers who could lead a community to promote exercises
and local sports. In administration, resources should be galvanized from all
parties in a community. In order to get people interested and motivated to do
exercises and play sports, media and innovations to disseminate information
on exercise and sports were to be created; there should be modern and
standardized sports facilities. In the process of developing exercise and
sports, the sports bodies should function according to the national sports
development plan, promote the mass sports activities, organize the local
sports competition, control the quality of evaluation. Other factors which
were crucial included a reform and amendment of laws, rules, regulations
and relevant announcements. Database should be systematized to develop
mass sports. As for output, in the future people from all walks of life were
expected to have a chance to do exercise and play sports and take part
in recreational activities. The goals were to promote good health, moral,
harmony, faculty and discipline.
Key Words: Exercise; Fundamental Sports; Mass sports

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